The study of diplomatic exchanges as more than a footnote in traditional political history has started to come into its own in the past few decades as a fully fledged flied. Here are a few of our members' publications in this area.

  • Vermeir, R., and De Meulenaere, V. "To bring good agreement and concord to Christendom: the Conference of Marck (1555) and English neutrality, 1533-1557." In: Revue de Nord, 95 (2013), 400-401, pp. 681-689. 
  • Kaku, N. "The Ambassadors of Low Countries under Burgundian and Habsburg’s System: Activities for realizing Peace of Cambrai (1529)." In: Nara Shien (Nara Historical Journal), 53 (2008), pp. 17-34. (In Japanese.)