Ruben Suykerbuyk

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Research interests
Netherlandish visual arts (15th-17th centuries); site specific art history; liturgy; religious material culture; sacred space; iconoclasm.
Current research project
FWO research project: 'Embodied piety in the age of iconoclasm. Church, artifact and religious routine in the sixteenth-century Low Countries.' Duration: 2013-2017. A.-L. Van Bruaene and K. Jonckheere.
Representative publications 

  • Jonckheere, K. and Suykerbuyk, R. (eds.) Art after Iconoclasm. Painting in the Netherlands (1566-1585), Turnhout, Brepols, 2012.
  • Jonckheere, K. and Suykerbuyk, R. “The life and times of Michiel Coxcie, 1499-1592.” In: K. Jonckheere (ed.) Michiel Coxcie and the giants of his age, London, Harvey Miller Publishers, 2013, pp. 24-49.
  • Suykerbuyk, R. “Coxcie’s copies of old masters: and addition and an analysis.” In: Simiolus, 37 (2013-2014), 1, pp. 5-24.
  • Suykerbuyk, R. “Michiel Coxcie and the Story of Samson tapestry series.” In: Master Drawings, 52 (2014), 3, pp. 1-14. In press.