Heidi Deneweth

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  • Postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and 10% professor
  • Address: Department of History (HIST) – Pleinlaan 2 – 1050 Brussels
  • Telephone: + 32 2 629 39 85
  • E-mail: Heidi.Deneweth@vub.ac.be


Research interests

Research on urbanization and social and economic history of cities in the Low Countries (1500-1900) in a comparative perspective. Specific research topics are: labour and business, craft guilds, urban development and planning, urban change, social housing.

Current and past research projects

Postdoctoral fellowship FWO (2016-2019): Risk and opportunities. The building trades in Antwerp and Brussels, 1500-1900. Duration: 2016-2019.

Postdoctoral fellowship FWO: 'Entrepreneurial Strategies of Building Contractors. The case of Antwerp, 1490-1670.' Duration: 2013-2016.

'Urban household strategies in Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges, late 16th-early 19th centuries.' Subproject of 'City and Society in the Low Countries (ca. 1200-ca.1850). The condition urbaine: between resilience and vulnerability', Work Package 3: 'Urban Community Building: Inclusion and Exclusion.' Duration: 2012-2013. 

Representative publications

  • Abrahamse, J.E., H. Deneweth, M. Kosian and E. Schmitz. "Gouden kansen? Vastgoedstrategieën van bouwondernemers in de stadsuitleg van Amsterdam in de Gouden eeuw." In: Bulletin KNOB, 114 (2015) 4, 229-257.
  • Deneweth, H. and P. Wallis. "Households, Consumption and the Development of Medical Care in the Netherlands, 1650-1900." In: Journal of Social History, 49 (2016) 3, 532-557.
  • Van Bochove,C.,  H. Deneweth and J. Zuijderduijn. "Real estate and mortgage finance in England and the Low Countries, 1300-1800." In: Continuity and Change, 30 (2015) 1, 9-38.
  • Deneweth, H., 0. Gelderblom, and J. Jonker. "Microfinance and the Decline of Poverty: Evidence from the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands." In: Journal of Economic Development, 39 (2014), 1, pp. 79-110.
  • Deneweth, H. "A fine balance. Household finance and financial strategies of Antwerp Households, 17th-18th century." In: Low Countries Journal for Social and Economic History (TSEG), 8 (2011) 4, pp. 15-43.
  • Deneweth, H. "Migratiebeleid, armenzorg en arbeidsmarktregulering. Brugge in de zestiende eeuw." In: M. De Koster, et al. (eds.) Werken aan de stad. Stedelijke actoren en structuren in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden 1500-1900. Liber Alumnorum Catharina Lis en Hugo Soly, Brussels, Urban Notebooks / Stadsschriften/Cahiers Urbains, 2011, pp. 103-118.
  • Deneweth, H. "The economic situation and its influence on building and renovating in Bruges, 16th-18th centuries." In: J.-F. Chauvard and L. Mocarelli (eds.), Mélanges de l’Ecole Française de Rome. Italie et Méditerrannée, 119 (2007), 2, pp. 537-550. (Special edition: L’économie de la construction dans l’Italie Moderne).





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