Griet Vermeesch

Contact info

  • Post-doctoral research and teaching assistant
  • Address: Vakgroep Geschiedenis, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels
  • Telephone: +32 (0)2  629 39 85
  • E-mail:


Research interests

Urban History, City-State Relations, Military History, Socio-Legal History

Current and past research projects

VNC-project: 'Netwerken van staat en kapitaal: oorlog, militaire instituties en ondernemers in de Nederlanden (ca. 1670 - ca. 1795).' [Networks of State and Capital: War, Military Institutions, and Entrepreneurs in the Low Countries, 1670-1795]. Duration: 2008-2011.

FWO-postdoctoral fellowship: 'Access to Justice. Urban legal procedures and the pro bono procedure in the early modern Low Countries (c. 1500-1800).' Duration: 2011-2015.

Co-supervisor with T. Lambrecht of FWO-research project: 'Explaining the Great Litigation Decline. The impact of social change on litigation patterns in early modern Europe. The case of Bruges and the Liberty of Bruges (1650-1795).' Duration: 2014-2018.

Representative publications

  • Vermeesch, G. Oorlog, steden en staatsvorming. De grenssteden Gorinchem en Doesburg tijdens de geboorte-eeuw van de Republiek (1572-1680). Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2006.
  • Vermeesch, G. "Professional lobbying in eighteenth-century Brussels: The role of agents in petitioning the central government institutions in the Habsburg Netherlands." In: Journal of early modern history, 16 (2012), pp. 95-119.
  • Vermeesch, G. "Access to justice. Legal aid to the poor at civil law courts in the eighteenth-century Low Countries." In: Law and History Review, 32 (2014), pp. 683-714.
  • Vermeesch, G. "The social composition of plaintiffs and defendants in the Peacemaker court, Leiden, 1750-1754." In: Social History, 40 (2015), pp. 208-229.

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