Anne-Laure Van Bruaene

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  • Professor
  • Address: Vakgroep Geschiedenis, Ufo, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35, B-9000 Ghent
  • Telephone: +32 (0)9 331 02 49
  • Fax: + 32 (0)9 331 02 99
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Research interests

Cultural History, Urban History

Current and past research projects

FWO research project promoter, together with Guido Marnef: 'An inquiry into the urban parish and parish church in the Southern Low Countries (ca. 1450-1700),' duration 2011-2014.

BOF research project promoter: ‘Multimedia practices and urban contexts in the Reformation Low Countries’, duration 2013-2016.

FWO research project promoter, together with Koenraad Jonckheere: ‘Embodied piety in the age of Iconoclasm. Church, artifact and religious routine in the sixteenth-century Low Countries’, duration 2013-2016.

Interuniversity Attraction Pole Program of the Belgian Science Policy Office research project promoter, together with Marc Boone: ‘City and Society in the Low Countries (ca. 1200 - ca. 1850). The condition urbaine: between resilience and vulnerability’, duration 2012-2017. Project website:

Representative publications

  • Van Bruaene, A.-L. Om beters wille. Rederijkerskamers en de stedelijke cultuur in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden (1400-1650), Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2008.
  • Van Bruaene, A.-L. "Revolting Beasts: Animal Satire and Animal Trials in the Dutch Revolt". In: Walter S. Melion, Bret Rothstein & Michel Weemans, The Anthropomorphic Lens. Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Arts, Leiden/Boston, Brill, 2015, pp. 23-42.
  • Van Bruaene, A.-L. "The Adieu and Willecomme for Jan van Hembyze, or: The Battle between Script and Print in Calvinist Ghent". In: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte/Archive for Reformation History, 105 (2014), pp. 206-229.
  • Van Bruaene, A.-L. and Speakman Sutch, S. "The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary : Devotional Communication and Politics in the Burgundian-Habsburg Low Countries, c. 1490-1520". In: Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 61 (2010) 2, pp. 252-278.

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