Anne Winter

Contact info

  • Professor
  • Address: Department of History (HIST) - Pleinlaan 2 – 1050 Brussels
  • Telephone: +32 2 629 25 74
  • E-mail:


Research interests

Her research focuses on the social history of the Southern Low Countries in the early modern period and nineteenth century in a comparative perspective, with a particular interest in migration, social policies, urbanization and labour relations in the transition period 1750-1850.

Current research projects

Promoter FWO research project: 'Between local autonomy and national migration policy: Dealing with 'foreigners' in Antwerp and Brussels, 1750-1914.' Duration 2011-2015. Co-promotors: Hilde Greefs (UA) and Catharina Lis (VUB).

 Representative publications

  • Winter, A. Migrants and Urban Change: Newcomers to Antwerp, 1760-1860, London, Pickering & Chatto Publishers, 2009, 328 p. (Perspectives in Economic and Social History: 1).
  • Winter, A. "Caught between Law and Practice: Migrants and Settlement Legislation in the Southern Low Countries in a Comparative Perspective, c. 1700–1900." In: Rural History, 19 (2008), 2, pp. 137-162.
  • Winter, A. "Vagrancy as an Adaptive Strategy: The Duchy of Brabant, 1767-1776." In: International Review of Social History, 49 (2004), pp. 249-278. 

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