Frederik Buylaert


Name: Frederik Buylaert
Position: Senior Lecturer
Institutional affiliation(s): Ghent University 

Work phone: +32 9 331 02 27
Mailing address:
History Department
UFO, Ghent University
St Pietersnieuwstraat 35
9000 Ghent

Field(s) of study: Social history, urban history, political history, comparative history, cultural history


Current project(s):

  • Lordship and the rise of the state in Western Europe, 1300-1600.


Past project(s): Projects concerning urban political elites; rural elites; and social history of the archives.


Representative publication(s):

  • F. Buylaert and J. Haemers, “Record keeping and status performance in the Early Modern Low Countries,” Past & Present 230 (2016): 131-50. (Supplement 11: eds. L. Corens, K. Peters and A. Walsham, The social history of the archive: record-keeping in Early Modern Europe.)
  • F. Buylaert, “Lordship, urbanisation and social change in Late Medieval Flanders,” Past & Present 227 (2015): 31-75.
  • F. Buylaert and A. Ramandt, “The transformation of rural elites in Late Medieval Flanders. Oligarchy, state formation and social change in the Liberty of Bruges (ca. 1350 – ca. 1525),” Continuity & Change 30 (2015): 39-69.